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@BuffStateProbz has become somewhat of a problem

Staff Writer

Published: Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updated: Thursday, December 6, 2012 01:12


I’m sure most, if not all, Buffalo State students have heard of the popular Twitter
account, @BuffStateProbz.
You’ve all probably tweeted a “Buff State problem” to them or have re-tweeted
something you agreed with or found funny.
I’m all for parodies and funny, but when it comes down to it, doesn’t it seem a little
backward for Buff State students to be contributing to an account that bashes and
picks out the flaws found at this fine establishment?
What happened to being proud of attending a school you’re hopefully going to be
graduating from?
All this does is add to the negative and ignorant attitudes of the students at this
When @BuffStateProbz requested to follow me on Twitter, I accepted and
thought, “Why not? It probably has some really funny tweets about what people
have seen and or experienced at Buffalo State.”
But after reading, I would say a couple hundred tweets and re-tweets of the account,
I was kind of embarrassed to know some of the people contributing or even being
affiliated with the account.
These cliche problems that get mentioned over and over are things that should be
looked at in a positive light.
It’s no mystery that people have said negative comments about our sports teams
when they’re losing games. People forget that our football team beat the reigning
national champions of Division III and were mentioned on ESPN, or that our hockey
team beat Division I Penn State in our home opener.
Usually people making comments are the ones who never make it out to support the
People mention issues about the parking available at Buffalo State but I’m sure
that’s a problem with any school in a major city. Referring to that girl who cut you
off in the parking lot and didn’t even acknowledge you as a “Buff State problem”
makes no sense to me.
I’m sure we all get a little frustrated or annoyed at certain things we experience at
Buffalo State. Like maybe it took 20 minutes to make a simple sandwich at Subway
or there was nowhere to sit in the Union during Bengal Pause.
But constantly picking out these flaws and annoyances makes me question why
these people continue to attend Buffalo State. It’s funny that the people adding their
input about the “Probz” at Buff State are the ones paying money to go here.
Another thing you probably all don’t take into consideration is the fact that this
account is a public forum. Anyone, including future and prospective students of the
college, can come across this and read all these ignorant comments. Do you really
want to sway people from going to the school you are attending?
A recent tweet from the account @BuffStateProbz really had me confused.
It said, “This #@$!% really tried to roll her luggage/backpack down the classroom
stairs. Put it on your back like the rest of us #BuffStateProbz.”
How is that in any way a problem of Buffalo State College?
I can take a joke, and I definitely see the humor in this idea of an outlet to provide
a completely open forum to talk about the one common things everyone shares.
However, most of these tweets are just people complaining and acting like drama
queens about something that is so stupid.
Before referring to “the girl in the mini skirt and heels walking around campus,”
or “the people who take the elevator to the second floor” as Buff State problems,
think about what kinds of problems those actually are.
All these experiences you have end up the way they do because of how you make
them. People make lifelong friends and memories at this school that they will
definitely want to remember.
Why make remembering those times as simple-minded problems that the school
has nothing to do with?
Caitlin Waters can be reached by email at

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