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Art Con opens new work space


Published: Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 19:02


Rashard Cunningham

Megan Salazar-Walsh restores paintings in one of the new workshops now open to art conservation department.


The ribbon has been cut for newly finished renovations to the third floor of the north
wing of Rockwell Hall, leaving the art conservation department with a new workspace in
a new buidling.
The official unveiling and ribbon cutting for the department took place Tuesday.
“We have been able to expand probably about 25 to 30 percent, but we also
consolidated,” said Patrick Ravines, director and associate professor for the department.
The department library, which was once housed in Bacon Hall, caused the department
offices to be in different locations. Thanks to the new renovations, the library was moved
to the third floor of Rockwell.
The new rooms include a paper conservation suite with photos and rare book
conservation, a departmental conference room, a preparation room and storage area, a
departmental library with a space for guest lecturers, a periodical room and librarians
office where books are cataloged and students have their own shelves for books, a faculty
and student lounge and a conservation imaging studio with x-ray room and a dark room.
Buffalo State is one of the only four schools in the U.S that offer art conservation at
a master’s level. New York University, University of Delaware and the University of
California at Los Angeles are the others.
“It’s fabulous to see the new students using the space after all the planning that went into
it,” said Meredith Lavelle, program manager for art conservation. “It’s gratifying to see it
being used so well”
Buffalo State College worked with a local firm called Architectural Resources, which
then contracted out Samuel Anderson Architects. One of Samuel Anderson Architects’
specializations includes conservation laboratories and spaces. Their recent projects have
included conservation space for the Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art in New
York City.
"They [Samuel Anderson Architects] had good experience, so we benefited from all of
their past experience into ours right now, its quite nice,” Ravines said.
According to Ravines, the area around Buffalo State is thriving with art museums
and many of them use the department as an art conservation resource, giving students
experience while helping out the community.
Dylan Wloch, a junior majoring in music and political science, described the new rooms
as secure with low lighting and a very modern design.
“The renovations are beautiful and add to the campus,” he said.
The art conservation program is a three-year masters program and students graduate with
a certificate of advanced studies. The first two years are spent on campus doing course
work; science work, lab work and studio work in conservation. The third year students do
a 12-month internship in the field.
Students have worked with the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of
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